The Support Platform for independent legal professionals in brussels

Enjoy access to a modern office infrastructure and integration into a dynamic legal network, all while retaining your autonomy

The S-team are a community of legal professionals with offices located on the prestigious Avenue Louise, Brussels.

Our members enjoy access to a modern infrastructure to support their daily activities, including flexible workstations, meeting room access, and mail collection among other services.

Each lawyer retains complete autonomy over billing and fee management, with confidentiality assured.

WHy Join the S-team?

Your Avenue Louise Address

Our facilities include a meeting room and access to an open space (nomadic office) available for a few hours each week. This setup provides lawyers with a prestigious and centrally located venue to meet (esteemed) clients and colleagues while significantly reducing office expenses

Promotion &
Visibility for you

Our website is specifically designed to highlight the members (lawyers & paralegals) of our community, offering an ideal platform to promote their expertise and share their professional content.

Access to a valuable legal network

Joining S-Team allows integration into a dynamic network of lawyers and professionals, facilitating the sharing of experiences and professional development.

Retain your

Each lawyer retains complete autonomy over billing and fee management, with confidentialityassured regarding their revenue.

Join today for a flexible membership plan with no commitment period

  • Bespoke membership plans to meet your needs
    We offer tailored plans to meet your specific needs. Enjoy flexible workspace, meeting rooms, and mail management services adapted to your practice.
  • No minimum commitment period
    No minimum commitment required. You can cancel your subscription at any time with very short notice, allowing you to remain flexible and adjust your membership to your professional needs.
  • Cancel your membership at any time
    Cancel or modify your membership whenever you want. Our flexibility allows you to manage your commitment according to your constraints.

“S-Team has allowed me to work in a professional and flexible environment. The community is supportive and humane.”

Pierre Bruwier, Lawyer

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    What our Members Say

    “The autonomy and flexibility offered by S-Team are very comfortable. I can indeed bill my fees independently and confidentially while benefiting from the resources and support of the community.”

    Aurore Durand, Lawyer

    “Thanks to S-Team, I have accessed other highly skilled legal professionals whose expertise complements mine, all for the benefit of my clients. The infrastructure is modern and well-located.”

    David Richelle, Paralegal

    “Thanks to S-Team, I have accessed other highly skilled legal professionals whose expertise compliments mine.”

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How much does an s-team Membership Cost?

    We offer several flexible packages depending on the specific needs of our members.

    You may wish to have access to a meeting room, or need mail collection services, or you may only want to be part of our network. Get in touch via the contact form to find out more.


    What is the minimum commitment period?

    We offer flexible terms with no minimum duration of commitment, allowing members to choose the term that best suits them.

    Members can cancel their subscription at any time with minimal notice, ensuring total flexibility to adapt to their professional needs.


    What are S-team's core values &
    why are they important?

    Sincere Attitude, Skilled Affiliates, Smart Working, Secure Assistance, and Seamless Integration.

    These values aim to earn the esteem of those we work with and are essential for maintaining the integrity and spirit of our community.

    Still Not sure if S-Team is for you?

    Do you have any questions or concerns? Feel free to send me a direct email and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.