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  • Master in International Law (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • Master in European Law (Université de Lorraine - Nancy),

Having followed a university curriculum strongly focused on business and international law, Maroua ALEKMA joined the S-Team lawyer community as part of an internship carried out during the first half of the year 2023 to bring her expertise and enthusiasm.

As an intern, Maroua participated, for the year 2023, on one hand, in the development of the team’s editorial strategy, and on the other hand, in the writing of our Tips and Insights, all under the supervision of the referring lawyers.

As a scientific collaborator, she also carried out specialized legal research, which is divided into three areas: (i) legislation, (ii) case law, and (iii) doctrine.

Demonstrating that one’s legal team has carried out significant and relevant research, can often be decisive in convincing the courts of a case. The role of a strong researcher is therefore of great value and strategic interest to a legal team.

Expert at

  • Business Law


  • French, English