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Diplomatic Law

Diplomatic and consular law essentially governs two types of relations. On the one hand, (i) the relations of diplomats, embassies and consulates with the host State and its citizens and, on the other hand, (ii) the relations of diplomats and consuls among themselves.

We can also note the existence of a certain number of rules which emanate from the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and which form part of diplomatic and consular law. These rules give nationals of certain foreign states the right to receive advice from their consul in the event of their being imprisoned.

Our diplomatic desk also leads our lawyers to assist and represent governments, embassies, consulates, diplomats and other international organizations, both before the courts and in their relations with the Kingdom of Belgium (e.g. Protocol Directorate) or other actors of the economic and social life of our country (e.g. National Social Security Office.