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Business Criminal Law

Business criminal law covers, on the one hand, criminal offenses specific to the conduct of business and, on the other hand, rules of economic law liable to be penalized.

Thus, it includes common law offenses (theft, swindling, breach of trust, corruption, money laundering, forgery and use of forgery, etc.) and specific offenses, in particular with regard to:

  • Company law (increase in contributions in kind, abuse of corporate assets, etc.);
  • Competition law (cartel, abuse of a dominant position, etc.);
  • Consumer law (misleading advertising, etc.);
  • Stock market law (insider trading, etc.).

Compliance with business criminal law is ensured in part by the criminal courts and in part by independent administrative authorities, such as the Financial Information Processing Unit (CTIF) or the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

Our lawyers have developed a particular expertise in this area and regularly assist legal entities, business leaders, and other senior executives.