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Employment Law

Employment law is the set of legal rules applicable to relations between private employers and employees in the workplace.

It governs professional working relations between the employer and the employee individually and the collective of employees.

As these rules become ever more complex, meeting your obligations as an employer has never been so difficult. However, their violation can be costly, both financially and reputational. Our lawyers intervene at two levels: advice (I) and litigation (II).

I.  Advice

In order to prevent possible disputes, we advise you in all areas of employment law and, particularly in the context of:

  • Future layoffs that you are responsible for or that you are undergoing;
  • Social aspects inherent in business buyouts and transfers;
  • The conclusion and execution of employment contracts, work regulations and employment policies in matters of sexual or moral harassment, or other forms of violence at work;
  • Drawing up and / or concluding collaboration contracts with independent service providers;
  • Regulations prohibiting the illegal provision of salaried personnel and “bogus self-employed persons”;
  • Prior information and consultation obligations of the social bodies (union delegation, committee for prevention and protection at work or works council).

II.  Litigation

We defend our clients in numerous social disputes, particularly in matters of:

  • Dismissal and notice periods;
  • Dismissal for serious reasons (motif grave);
  • Compensation in lieu of notice;
  • Compensation for manifestly unreasonable dismissal;
  • Protection against dismissal;
  • Medical force majeure or “medical C4”;
  • Disruptive equipollent acts;
  • Pay and scale regularization;
  • Sexual or moral harassment and/or discrimination at work;
  • Complaints for other acts punishable by legislation relating to well-being at work.

We also represent you before the criminal courts against the labor auditor in the event that your company is prosecuted for social criminal law offenses likely to result in your conviction to fines – criminal or administrative – or, for more serious offenses, to terms of imprisonment. Our lawyers can also assist you during social inspections and represent you vis-à-vis the social inspection.

Among the criminal offenses of social law commonly accused are the unlawful provision of workers, the undeclared employment of workers, the employment of foreign staff in an irregular situation, the violation of the rules relating to the safety and well-being of workers, harassment (moral or sexual) and discrimination at work, non-payment of workers’ remuneration, and non-advertising of part-time schedules.