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Corporate Law

Company and association law is the branch of private law that studies legal persons. It includes all the rules applicable to the creation, operation and possible liquidation of companies and associations. This branch of law is also interested in the relationships between the actors of legal entities (notably the shareholders, members, and directors) and those that the latter have with third parties.

We support Belgian and foreign legal persons wishing to develop their activities in our country at all stages of their development while protecting their interests in the event of litigation.

S-Team lawyers and their experts support and advise, among other aspects of corporate law, with:

  • Constitution of Belgian companies or associations;
  • Creation of branches of foreign companies;
  • Operations on the capital and issues of securities such as the reduction and increase of capital and the sale of shares;
  • Shareholders’ agreements;
  • Mergers, demergers, joint-ventures and other corporate restructurings;
  • Dissolutions and liquidations of companies;
  • Corporate legal secretariat;
  • Disputes in company law, such as disputes between shareholders (action for the forced repurchase of securities or action for withdrawal), or disputes relating to the responsibilities and duties of directors,
  • Advice on various issues related to the Companies and Associations Code (CSA) and other specific company law regulations.

Where appropriate, our lawyers can also advise you in cases where your company is faced with insolvency law, as governed by book 20 of the Code of Economic Law. Thus, we regularly intervene in bankruptcy or judicial reorganization (PRJ) proceedings on behalf of creditors or debtors.